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With the warm aromas of the likes of cinnamon and black pepper, our Spice Collection is perfect for anyone looking to relax the muscles and warm up after a long day. For the perfect, warming big night in, try our Spice Delux Package - Thermal Remedy.
The Spa Collection is a real favourite of ours, named by one of our customers, the Spa Collection features teh calming scents of camomile and vanilla and works great with our luxury massage bar. Keep an eye out for our up and coming Spa Delux package.
Featuring the wonderful scents and benefits of our carefully selected green leaf based ingredients such as aloe, mint and nettles. The green leaf collection is a favourite of anyone who loves a real fresh smell. Why not try our Green Leaf Delux Package - Rejuvenation Therapy for the ultimate big night in?
The Citrus Collection was our first, with the fruity essences of lemon, orange and lime, our Citrus Collection will leave you feeling bright and bushy tailed. For teh perfect big night in, why not try our Citrus Delux Package - Euphoric Awakening.

The Perfect Big Night In!
Try one of our Delux Packages for the perfect big night in! They make great gifts too... 

Each package comes with the full collection, including a soap, bath bomb, body scrub, luxury konjac sponge soap and our luxury massage bar!


Meet our unique, specialist product... 

​              The Konjac Soap Sponge

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What is a Konjac Sponge anyway?

Our Unique Soap Sponge utilises a vegan alternative to a natural sponge! Click the link above for more information...

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