About Us

Company information

Pure Epiphany was established in late 2015 in Derbyshire, United Kingdom.  Our mission and passion are based on creating natural, handmade products which don’t hurt our planet, animals or skin.  All of our products are:
• Handmade from the finest organic, natural ingredients
• Vegan and animal cruelty free
• Working with carefully selected ethical UK suppliers
• 100% self-preserving with no parabens or any other preservative
• No artificial colourants

Animal Testing Declaration

We do not test any of our finished products on animals, nor do we sell in any Country which requires animal testing by law – that will never change.  In choosing our raw ingredients we work with carefully selected suppliers who do not test on animals and have an animal testing declaration.
All of our products are suitable for vegans.  We have carefully selected our ingredients, both ensuring the finished ingredient is vegan and that the production process doesn’t use animal-derived materials. 

Our soap is made from a blend of oils, during the soap making process glycerine is produced as a by-product.  This is plant based glycerine rather than glycerine produced from animal fats.
Our sponges are a vegan-friendly alternative to the traditional sea sponge, made from natural plant fibres of the Konjac potato.
The wax in our butter bar is a vegan alternative to beeswax, using the plant based Candelilla wax which is made using the leaves of the Candelilla scrub.​​


Why have natural products if they are full of hidden chemicals and toxins?  We take natural seriously and our skin being a giant sponge, absorbs whatever we put on it, the good and the bad.  Our products are organic and we use natural ingredients, so you know what you are putting on your skin, and promotes both healthy skin and a heathy planet.
Our Packaging and Sustainability

We continually develop our packaging and are committed to a cleaner, greener planet.  All of our ingredients, including the oils and butters are sustainably sourced and we do not use palm oil in any of our products.     

We do not use microbeads or non-biodegradable ingredients in our exfoliants. 

We use Eco flo filler to ship your packages, this is a GM free starch which is 100% biodegradable. 

The Formulator

The product formulator, Sam, is from Derbyshire where she lives with her 2 dogs and cat.  After having different allergic reactions with many skincare products, Sam started looking into the ingredients of skincare products to find that they were packed with nasty chemicals and colourants.  She couldn’t get it round her head how you can create a naturally beautiful product from organic, raw ingredients and then pack them full of artificial colourants and nasty preservatives.  Pure Epiphany’s product range are formulated with no artificial colourants and are stable so have no hidden preservatives, giving you a natural skincare product just the way nature intended.
Sam was a vegetarian for many years, then transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. When looking into skincare products, Sam found that many companies either sells in Countries such as China, where animal testing for cosmetic products is a legal requirement, or companies that were owned by larger companies who tested on animals.  She couldn’t believe this was happening and made a commitment to do everything she could to end this cruel, pointless practice. 
Pure Epiphany was created based on strong, ethical morals that will be the same tomorrow as they are today.